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Learn about our die making capability

Die Making

Spare parts and custom dies built from your design or ours.

our custom fixtures enhance secondary operations


Built to streamline your manufacturing process.

gages improve QC and limit scrap


Manufactured to the tightest tolerances preserving your quality control.

improve your profit and capacity by subcontacting


Is part of your project outside of your expertise? We can handle that for you

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Die Build Projects

Complete die builds are part of our area of expertise. Our capabilities and experience range from close tolerance progression dies to one hit down and dirty dies. Having worked across a wide spectrum of industries, we can be the go-to shop for all your die builds. 

Spare Tooling For Dies

Getting maximum life out of your dies enables you to maintain profitability. Spare tooling enables you to run your dies for decades while maintaining quality. Many manufacturers rely on Armstrong Tool & Die to build their spare tooling. Some of the reasons companies choose us are our versatility, quality, and quick turn around.

Fixturing Projects

Improve speed and accuracy of secondary operations by using fixtures. These custom-manufactured pieces enable easier setup, increase repeatability and, reduce scrap, which improves your company’s bottom line. Call us to see if employing a fixture is the right move for you.

Gages to Improve Quality Control

Gages are an essential piece of the manufacturing process. The ability to quickly determine whether you are within tolerance or a simple go/no go condition keeps you on track. We design and manufacture gages based on your production needs. Armstrong Tool & Die can help you determine what type and at which step, gages will be most effective for you.

Production Machining Projects

Along with tool & die projects we are skilled in production machining. Do you have a project with particular needs? Or perhaps it’s a relatively simple project that needs to be done well and fast, either way; we can be your shop. Our goal is to deliver a quality manufactured product quickly and at a reasonable cost.

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