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About Armstrong Tool & Die Company

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About Our Tool & Die Company

The History of Our Company

The story about Armstrong Tool & Die LLC began over 20 years ago. Our company was founded in 2003 by Jeremiah Armstrong. However, it was while in high school, Jeremiah realized that he had a knack for machining and tool & die. “I realized that machining came naturally” He stated, “the geometry, the design, I can’t explain it, other than to say I could visualize it.” And the more projects Jeremiah did, the more he loved it. “I enjoyed taking a piece of metal and making a part that looked perfect.”

Outside Seneca Highlands Career and Technical Center where journeyman training began

A Journeyman Begins

After finishing his training in vocational school, Jeremiah accepted an apprenticeship where he earned his journeyman’s papers. “This was a job I enjoyed,” said Jeremiah. “My employer trusted me to take a project from concept to working prototypes. After the prototypes were approved, I designed and built all the stamping and forming tools for the entire project. To complete the project, I designed and built jigs and fixtures for every step in the manufacturing process.”

Although he loved what he was doing, a change would soon come for Jeremiah when he got married and moved to Pittsburgh. He took a job as a surface grinder in a local tool & die shop and continued to “hone” his skills.

Our Beginning in the Carbide Valley

However, soon after buying his first home, and with the support of his wife, he decided to fulfill the dream of owning his own business. Jeremiah put a mill in their basement and got to work. Over the next 12 years, Jeremiah went from working in his basement part time to working for himself full time. Over the next few years, the basement shop grew to include two mills, a lathe, and a surface grinder, as well as three employees. As demand continued to grow, it became apparent that they were out of space, which brought the company to the building at their current location in New Kensington, and as a result of hard work, they continue to grow.

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The Secret to Success

As an employer, Jeremiah has enjoyed surrounding himself with others who have also made this trade their profession and passion. “The place where I started was like a family. I was a young kid in my early 20’s, and I will never forget how well the owner treated me, and I still feel bad that I had to leave. To follow his example, I work hard to make sure my employees know I appreciate their work and their skills”. We provide and receive continued training to keep our company moving forward as a team. Today we have the same goal as when we began; work hard together, continue to improve, and try to make “perfect, cool looking” parts.

Precision work being done at Armstrong Tool and Die

Only the Best


Our understanding of the manufacturing process allows us to build precision tooling, fixtures, and quality control devices to benefit our customer


The ability to produce a broad range of tooling from varying materials makes us a valued partner. When you couple that with our experience and design/engineering capability you’ll wonder why you didn’t call us sooner.


Low overhead enables us to produce high-quality tooling at an extremely competitive price. However, this is not a product of inferior materials or labor. On the contrary, it is a product of efficiency, experience, and quality control. The very same thing we help our customers improve upon.

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