Our Subcontracting Program

Providing Precision Tooling & Expertise to Supplement Your Shop

What We Do

Complete die builds and spare tooling capabilities

Die Building

Spare partsand custom dies built from your design or ours.

custom fixtures enhance your secondary machining


Built to streamline your manufacturing process.

custom gages improve speed and overall QC


Manufactured to the tightest tolerances preserving your quality control.

Subcontracting Machining & Tooling

Subcontracting enables many CNC machining and tooling shops to increase capacity, and be more versatile than they are on their own. As a result, many tool & die shops partner with us to meet production deadlines or handle jobs that we are better equipped to produce. Often, rather than have us build the entire project, we may be needed to care for only a portion of it. In any case, you can be sure that we will deliver quality work, economically, and on time. You can be confident that the work we produce is worth putting your name on. Some of the subcontracting services we provide are:

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Not sure whether using a subcontracator is the right choice for your shop? Here are some of the top reasons to partner with Armstrong Tool & Die LLC.

Does it make sense to subcontract work we typically do in-house?

In many cases, yes. At times our customers have a deadline to meet and cannot devote all of their resources to just one project. Having a trusted partner that can serve as an extension of your shop helps you reach your deadline without having to delay other projects.

Can I still make money if I subcontract my machining & tooling?

Absolutely! Labor takes time, and time is money. If you are not accustomed to a certain type of work, the learning process can be expensive. We are able to care for a portion of, or an entire project, quickly and efficiently. In addition, our low overhead allows for extremely competitive pricing.

How can we be sure the quality will meet our standards?

We provide the same level of quality and service to other shops, as we do for our direct customers. Although it may be subcontract work, we value you as a customer and want you to continue to use us. Providing quality work is one reason other shops continue to trust their reputation with our work.

What is the first step to begin the process?

To find out if using us as a subcontractor is the solution for your facility, you can call us, email us, or simply fill out the contact form and we will set up a consultation.

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